Saturday, January 05, 2008

H2 Report From The Field

A customer of mine records traditional music ensembles, primarily in southern Africa. He has been using the Marantz PMD660 with a Rode NT4 stereo mic with great results.

However, he recently, he got a Zoom H2 (see debut below) in the interest of portability. Here is his report:

I have used the Zoom H2 on several projects now and am very impressed with the results. I would say 90% as good as my Marantz PMD660 and Røde NT4 combo for 20% of the price. The Zoom doesn't have the high end of the Røde, but I can still plug the Røde into the Zoom. The size is perfect. I've taken to carrying it around in my pocket, with the microphone handle attachment. Something I couldn't do with the Marantz.

Recently captured a Kwaito concert and a segaba player. A very loud and very soft performances, respectively. A segaba player will sway and move while playing. I could hold the recorder and sway and move with him while holding the mic to keep a consistent sound and stereo image. How cool is that?

I've been trying to get together a Setswana choir to test out the quadraphonic sound… mainly because the style involves a lead singer and a choir of backing singers standing in a half circle. I believe that putting the mic in their midst will yield a recording which I can mix between lead and choir (something which had to be done purely by moving people around with the Røde).

I am recommending this recorder to several colleagues...


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